All About Taking Care a Pregnant Mother

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All About Taking Care a Pregnant Mother


In this content we are going to discuss about signs of pregnancy, aim of the taking care during pregnancy, functions of pregnancy care, how to take care a pregnant women at home, foods of pregnant women, what should do during pregnancy, what should not do during pregnancy, essential 4 things during pregnancy, 5 danger signs during pregnancy and delivery time, what kinds of services given by health center.

During pregnancy mother should give special care. Before becomes pregnant women should check her own health, and should become aware about all the things of pregnancy and raising child. A healthy mother can give birth to a healthy child. That’s why it is essential to give proper care and maintenance. Also taking care during pregnancy can reduce the rate of maternal mortality.

Now look at below again for knowing what we are going to discuss today…………………

1. Signs of pregnant mother2. Pregnancy care3. The purpose of Pregnancy care4. Pregnancy care Functions5. How to take care a pregnant woman at home?6. Food of pregnant women7. What should do during pregnancy?8. What should not do during pregnancy?9. 4 essential things during pregnancy10. 5 dangerous symbols during pregnancy and delivery time11. What kinds of services given in the health centers?1. Signs of Pregnant Mother:

• Menstrual Closed• Nausea• Breast pain2. Pregnancy Care: During the time of entire pregnancy whatever care will be taken for pregnant mother and her upcoming child is called Pregnancy care. It is managed through regular checks and advice. Need to be tested for at least 4 times during the entire Pregnancy. According to the World Health Organization recommends:1st Check: After 16 weeks (4 months)2nd Check: After 24-28 weeks (6-7 months)3rd Check: After 32 weeks (8 months)4th Check: After 36 weeks (9 months)3. The purpose of pregnancy care: The main purpose of Pregnancy care is to make up of a pregnant mother mentally well and physically fit for delivering her child in a normal way, to make her able to birth a healthy child, and to make her able to taking care her child in a satisfactory way.4. Functions of pregnancy care:

• If mother contain any diseases then need to identify it and need to take treatment for it.• The mother can take care of yourself during the Pregnancy, can be produced by the impending delivery and take care of a newborn baby can be taught.• All the complicated things during pregnancy are identified and give treatment for these.• To identify risky pregnancy.• To help mother for staying healthy through advice and also taking necessary steps to prevent anemia, malaria.• Where will be safe delivery also be identifying by pregnancy care.• Arranged trained staff to handle.• Registration for the pregnant mother.5. How to take care pregnant women at home:

• keep them smiling always at home• Give nutritional foods to them in a good enough amount• In order to focus on foods that are balanced• Should give advice to drink plenty of pure drinking water.• Through the assistance of other members of the family• Asked to take adequate rest• Keep her mentally ready• If pregnant mother will become ill then call doctors or health workers as early as possible.6. Foods of Pregnant women:

• Energetic foods: rice, bread, potato, sugar, Treacle, semolinaSoybean oil, nuts, liver, Ghee / butter, egg yolks etc.

• Fulfill of destroyed energy and upcoming child health improvable foods: Fish, meat, milk, egg white, Different types of peas, beans, whole seed, etc.• Disease preventing food: Green and yellow vegetables and fruits.7. What should Pregnant Mother eat and how much to eat:

• Everyday should eat three kinds of food from the list• In every time should eat bit excess than normal.• Must take plenty of pure drinking water.• Iodized salt to eat with rice but should not eat extra salt.8. What should do during pregnancy:

• Need to check health during pregnancy period by health center at least 4 times.• It is necessary to take 2 TT vaccinations during pregnancy.• Everyday should eat food more than normal.• Must drink plenty of pure drinking water.• Should keep her neat and clean and also should take bath regularly.• After taking lunch should take rest at least 1-2 hours.9. What should not do during pregnancy?

• All kinds of tough work must avoid during pregnancy.• Don’t take any weight that is too much.• Don’t move for long journey• Don’t give pressure in your body.• Keeping engage you with a work for longtime is prohibited.• Don’t quarrel during pregnancy and don’t make sound loudly.• Don’t use any kind of Tobacco products.• Don’t take any kinds of medicine without getting permission of your health specialist.10. 4 Essential things during pregnancy:

• Before delivery time must arranged a expert or doctor to handle the delivery situation.• Excess cost and necessary arrangements should maintain before delivery time• During pregnancy it can be needed to give extra blood to pregnant mother and that’s why should arrange necessary blood in according to the group of mother blood.• If there will face any kind of trouble during delivery at home then must take her to the hospital as early as possible and for this you have to arrange a ambulance or car previously if needed.11. 5 Dangerous signs During Pregnancy:

• Too much blooding and not removing the placenta• Before delivery or after delivery too much fever more than three days and bad smelly discharge can be dangerous.• Too much headache, appear blurred eyes.• If water comes into the body before delivery or after delivery can be dangerous.• If pain of delivery will remain more than 12 hours than it can be dangerous and also if head of the baby will not come at first outside can be dangerous too.Should keep in mind that if anyone these sings and complicated issue will be seen during the time of delivery at home then should take her to the hospital as early as possible.12. What kinds of Services are given at health care center?

• TT vaccination• Measurement of weight• Teaching about health facts• Blood checking and Anemia checking• Checking blood pressure• Health problem is checked• Examining the stomach• Height measured


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