Some indications of first trimester pregnancy symptoms

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Some indications of first trimester pregnancy symptoms


The first trimester of pregnancy becomes the worrying period. Women should take care of the baby in the womb well. We call it as the transformation period. Why do we say like that? It is caused by some facts. In the first trimester, there are some changes which the women will get. All changes happen quickly. It is so because there are several new hormones inside their body. That condition will be worse if there is not any attention from husband. So, you need to know about the first trimester pregnancy symptoms. It is for understanding what the husband should do if their wives are in the pregnancy period. What are the symptoms? Here are the short explanations about that.


The changes of emotion become something urgent to women. A woman in the good mood will change into the terrible mood. And this changing happens in the short time only. As husband, you should notice this symptom.  What should the husband do then? Giving more attention to wives becomes the best solution. In the morning, husband should ask the wife’s condition. It is hoped that the woman will feel better.


Besides the changes of emotion, the pregnant women will get morning sickness also. It doesn’t happen to all women. Only the women in the bad condition feel this bad morning sickness. The nausea comes. It makes women should eat something for reducing the nausea symptom. In the worse condition, their noses will be very sensitive to all smells. Perfume makes them feel the symptoms. What should the husbands do if their wives in that condition? Taking away all smelling thing from women is a good solution.


Another first trimester pregnancy symptoms is the urination. Some mommies also feel this bad urination condition. It is caused by the enlargement of uterus. Then, the uterus makes the urine pouch becomes smaller. In the short time, the urine will make the pouch full. So, it makes women should go to  the  toilet so often. It will be worse of women drink more and more.  But it is a must. Drinking is good for the health.  So, they have to urinate more even though it is not comfortable for them.


Those are the first trimester pregnancy symptoms. All symptoms above are the normal condition for all pregnant women. So, you should be ready for this condition if you want to b a mommy. If you are in the worst condition, you just have to remember the baby. It is so cute. So, you will be able to fight this bad condition.Share this:

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